ASTROANTEDILUVIAN is a 9-track EP released under Darius.

Track listing Edit

  1. ornithopter (3:46)
  2. affective (1:38)
  3. driving logic (3:16)
  4. disconnect Q1 (2:54)
  5. vanishing chameleon (2:51)
  6. digni;currency (0:47)
  7. laminate phantom (3:35)
  8. rejuvenation (2:59)
  9. surface wellness (3:40)

Release notes Edit

i've managed to conjure up an amount of spare energy, and it is my hope that i've managed to contain it here so that i may share it with you. it's been some time since i've been in any place to do so, and i am optimistic that i will be able to continue with more frequency than the past year has allowed. i want to do my best to be me, for me, for you.

much love, and thank you.


All music composed and created by D. Halley

Recorded & engineered at Halley Labs, JUL 2017 - JAN 2018
Mixed & mastered to tape at Halley Labs, JAN 2018

Exclusive license to LAPFOX-HALLEY
Art and design: MSX
Based on sketch by RECOBOX @
"vanishing chameleon" originally featured on "STAFFcirc vol. 3⇋: TERMINAL VICE" @

This album would not be possible without the continued support of my patreon subscribers. Thank you for the opportunity to continue working on bigger, more intense projects.

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