Anxiety cover
Released under

Jackal Queenston

Album Don't Stop Moving
Length 3:59
Released on 14 November 2011
Era LapFox Trax
Price Free
Artwork by Squeedge
Bandcamp Anxiety

Anxiety (feat. Klippa) is a track released under Jackal Queenston on the album Don't Stop Moving.


Anxiety's theme is quite upbeat throughout, despite what the aliases would imply (usually darker tones). The song starts off as a Klippa styled track, but picks up tempo near the end for a transition into a heavier Jackal Queenston styled drum and bass portion.


  • The font used on the single art is SharkBoy and LavaGirl.
  • The track was composed entirely in Sony ACID and uses no VST instruments, but many VST effects and samples. [citation needed]

Video Edit

Klippa + Jackal Queenston - Anxiety -Don't Stop Moving-

Klippa + Jackal Queenston - Anxiety -Don't Stop Moving-