BANDETTO (バンデット) is an alias that is part of the Halley Labs / LapFox Trax label. He is an orange and blue pool toy dog that wears a pink-purple bandana with a toothed pattern. He produces experimental breakcore with Japanese influences.

On October 18th, 2013, all of BANDETTO's albums (excluding SEXY SEXY SANDPAPER) were released onto the LapFox Trax Bandcamp page. As a result of this change, BANDETTO's Bandcamp page was deleted.


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These are some samples to help new listeners understand this alias.

amnesiac - *.WAV SLAVE 
BANDETTO - -.WAV SLAVE - 06 amnesiac
rhythm guide - *.WAV SLAVE 
BANDETTO - -.WAV SLAVE - 10 rhythm guide


  • BANDETTO is romaji for バンデット in Japanese, which means "bandit".
  • BANDETTO was originally created for Ren to get away from the expectations they and the listeners had for the music. [1]
  • On BANDETTO's Bandcamp, the album locations are tagged as 'Seattle' instead of 'Hamilton', where Ren used to live and where Squeedge lives.
  • BANDETTO at first maintained a separate label, but was later moved to the LapFox Trax label with the other aliases.
  • Despite being released in 2012, some BANDETTO tracks were created as far back as 2008. [2] [3] [4]
  • Bandetto is in a canon relationship with TQBF, another one of Lapfox's many aliases. [5]

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