Released under

Jackal Queenston

Album Don't Stop Moving
Length 5:15
Released on 28 April 2011
Era LapFox Trax
Price Free
Bandcamp Blackweather

Blackweather is a track released under Jackal Queenston on the album Don't Stop Moving. It was originally released as a free track.

Release notes

the weather outside is pretty neat right now. really really high winds and the occasional black cloud making its way across an otherwise flat grey sky. here's some nastiness inspired by that. i have an awful lot of songs that focus on the sky in one way or another but that's because it's just so darned cool.


Blackweather opens off with a minute-long ambient intro, from which it goes into a synth-based buildup which leads into the main part of the song. As with most other Jackal Queenston tracks, it is a very fast track, consisting of aggressive drumming and straightforward basslines. The ambient and the main parts repeat a few times before going to the outro, also consisting of ambient sounds.


  • Blackweather was released 7 months before Don't Stop Moving.
  • The song was inspired by very stormy weather.
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