D.FREQ.CRUSH is a 13-track album released under Kitcaliber.

Track listing Edit

  1. INTRO (0:25) (lyrics)
  2. PSEUDOTRITON (2:51) (lyrics)
  3. DEVIL (2:11) (lyrics)
  4. HELL DIVE (3:13) (lyrics)
  5. RAYSTORM (2:39) (lyrics)
  6. ZONE BREAKERZ (3:13)
  7. KINGDOM GRANDPRIX (3:00) (lyrics)
  8. EXTEND (SUICIDE) (2:51) (lyrics)
  9. VULTURES (2:54) (lyrics)
  10. DISINFECT THE DEAD (3:03) (lyrics)
  11. GUNNERS HEAVEN (2:15) (lyrics)
  12. THREE WONDERS (2:45) (lyrics)
  13. RADIO DREAMIN' (2:45) (lyrics)

Story Edit

in the year 2001, our connections are shut down. team GUNDOGS was sent against the powerful enemy force, RICOCHET AASVOGELS. they were destroyed. OPERATION HELL DIVE was a failure. we are the new resistance. we are only two, but we are armed with skills that training does not amount to. we are armed with vision and audio. DIRECTIVE: FREQUENCY CRUSHER is now active.

Trivia Edit

  • The album's cover art marks the first time Kit and Caliber are drawn in color "officially".
  • The album's genre is referred to "shmuppunk", a reference to shoot 'em up, a video game genre Ren Queenston is fond of and often references.
  • D.FREQ.CRUSH is the only album so far to have all of the lyrics capitalized at the Bandcamp page.
  • HELL DIVE is a reference to Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive.
  • GUNDOGS is a possible reference to Gun Dogs, the development name of Raiden Fighters. [1]
  • KINGDOM GRANDPRIX is a reference to a shmup of the same name.
  • The Bandcamp page for the release states the album to be written and produced by "Kit + Caliber", as opposed to This Broken City stating simply "Kitcaliber".
  • The album's release date is only 11 days short of being released two years apart with This Broken City.
  • The design of the cover and the physical release is a reference to Japanese Sega Saturn games.
  • Many themes originally presented in This Broken City carry directly over to D.FREQ.CRUSH. In a similar manner, themes from D.FREQ.CRUSH carry over to NEVERLAND SOUNDGIRLS. [2]

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