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DOWNLOAD (formerly known as ⇩LOAD) is an alias under the LapFox Trax / Halley Labs label. He is a male hellbat that produces compilations of noise music.

He was originally separate from LapFox Trax and his releases were on a separate Bandcamp page, which is no longer available.

DOWNLOAD's first appearance outside of the dedicated label was in the release notes for ИΣVΣRLAИD SØUИDGIRL$. However, his first official appearance was in Bon Voyage.

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⇩LOAD isn’t a traditionally organic creature. Soul sludge is implanted with the energy created by other creatures’ reproduction to create new creatures.

The gov’t-ordained sex industry in hell is at a low due to lack of bodies willing to throw themselves into the fray. A plan is hatched: convert code to electricity and implant it in the soul sludge. A coder is hired, and either turns out to be completely crap or a bit of a joker. The gov’t wants “something accessible, something easy, something everything in hell would be down to get busy with” and suggests “sexy bat girls into some pretty vanilla activities”. The coder gets to work and passes their work over before disappearing. It’s implanted into the sludge, and they don’t quite get what they want. ⇩LOAD is immediately removed from the picture, deemed unsuitable for the target market. His code is incomplete, he’s prone to crashing and forgetting what he was doing in emotional fits, and he’s certainly unhappy with himself, as he’s not what he was coded to be. [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Ren has tagged DOWNLOAD's albums on Bandcamp as murrzbow, a reference to the famous noise artist Masami Akita, also known as Merzbow (メルツバウ). "Murr" is an onomatopoeia used by the furry fandom for showing pleasure, usually in a sexual manner.
  • According to Ren's blog, DOWNLOAD is a rejected code made of soul sludge. [1]
  • It has been stated that DOWNLOAD is 5'8", [1] with other references stating that he is 5'4". However, his most recent reference states that he is 5'5", 6'0" including the ears.
  • DOWNLOAD is named after a shmup on the PC Engine (Turbo Graphix). [2]

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Due to the large number of images, DOWNLOAD's gallery has been moved to a separate page.

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