Detergent is a 12-track album released by Detergent. It is Detergent's first and only release. Most of the tracks on it are about video games, although two are about the novella The Old Man and the Sea, and "The Gullywasher" is about the Shakespeare play The Tempest.

Track listingEdit

  1. Old Man (1:46) (lyrics)
  2. Reel You In (1:01) (lyrics)
  3. Robot Girlfriend (3:21) (lyrics)
  4. Role Play (3:13) (lyrics)
  5. Scurvy Tune (1:13) (lyrics)
  6. The Gullywasher (1:23) (lyrics)
  7. Kung-Fu Fighter (2:43) (lyrics)
  8. Yellow Pages (3:23) (lyrics)
  9. Action Hero (2:33) (lyrics)
  10. Written For Cartridges (4:02) (lyrics)
  11. Megaman Late At Night (3:13) (lyrics)
  12. The Best Game Ever (3:34) (lyrics)
Detergent alt cover

The original artwork for the album by Philip Johnson.

Release notesEdit

I wouldn't recommend paying for this. or even downloading it for free.

all music written and produced by detergent. artwork by lawlzy.

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