Emoticon is an alias originally created for the Mungyodance series of games.

Over the course of the series, Emoticon produced music of several genres (Ryustyle, Popcore, Symphonicore, etc.), with a common thread of "happiness." Under the VULPvibe Records label, he eventually settled into producing happy hardcore music. Later, his future musical releases were rebranded as Furries in a Blender.

In November of 2014, Furries in a Blender was repurposed back to Emoticon, strictly for old-school Happy Hardcore. [1]



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Mungyodance (Beta) Edit

  • Paradise
  • Paradise (Euromix)
  • Rediculous

Mungyodance Edit

Mungyodance 2 Edit

  • Boomtown
  • Boytoy 2007 (feat. Kai'enne)
  • Burning Rome
  • Cancer
  • Dizzy
  • JAQL - Eternal Love (as a featured artist)
  • Forget September (originally announced in the Mungyodance beta songlist as a Sonitus Vir song and released in Mungyodance as a Neko song)
  • Kick Back
  • Lick My Plump Fox Nuts (feat. Renard and Kitsune²)
  • Little Nappy (with D-Mode-D)
  • Rosebed (feat. Sonitus Vir)
  • The Rainbow
  • Valentine
  • VGCats Theme (with Kitsune²)
  • Zombie Rising (with Omicron Complex)

Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave Edit

  • April (with Kitsune²)
  • Eat This
  • Florida (with Kettu) (feat. Hex)
  • Benn Jordan - Homosexual Love Scene (Remix)
  • I'm Alive (vs Nickelback)
  • It's a Dream (with Lollipop)
  • Last Moment on Earth
  • Makin' a Machine
  • Radioactive Rats (GLaDOS Edit)

As Emoticon X Edit

Mungyodance 2 Edit

  • Sugarkill X

Mungyodance 3: The Third Rave Edit

  • Snort a Lot of Crack
  • Snort a Lot of Crack EX

Trivia Edit

  • Emoticon is 5'6" and weighs 130 lbs. [citation needed]
  • Emoticon's outfit, accessories, and dyed hair were stated by Ren to be a parody of ravers. [2]
  • The Bandcamp page for Atomizer for the release states the album to be written and produced by Emoticon, instead of under the Furries in a Blender name. [3]
  • Emoticon X songs from the Mungyodance series were later reassigned to The Quick Brown Fox.

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