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Eugene is an alias under the Halley Labs / LapFox Trax label. She is a hellhound that produces hip hop with digital hardcore and noise elements.


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here’s Eugene! you may have seen her around places. like Truxton, she’s a biologically intersexed hellhound. unlike Truxton, she’s chosen to pursue a female identity.

as far as anybody can tell, she’s good friends with Truxton, and as such, has become interested in DIY weaponry. she’s also into boxing. not much else is known, aside from what little else could maybe be derived from her place of residence. i think giving a character a place to live can help round them out.

she’s kind of the essence of what i think of when i think “digital hardcore” and “beat ‘em ups”.

#JAMMAPUNK shit yo [1]


Eugene is a long-time friend of Truxton and left Hell alongside them when they were exiled. A major creeper for boxing babes. Administrative, unmoving, and power-hungry, but only when in the position to be. Otherwise quiet and mindful of those she knows. On the surface world, Eugene came to appreciate organized fighting as a sport, and set up the Global Fisting League in an effort to keep herself alive. The GFL is a nearly-anything-goes sparring organization for hellthings, in which the winner feeds off of the life force of the loser. Eugene rarely needs to fight in GFL matches, however, as she is contractually allotted half of each losing hellthing's life force from every other match. Due to the way she runs the GFL, she has been seen as unfair, unflinching, and completely lacking in empathy. The exact opposite is true outside of the organization. She cares deeply for those close to her and takes no issue with putting her life on the line for friends, regularly making excursions back to Hell to assist those still residing there.

  • LIKES: Fighting, play-fighting, boxing babes, physical soreness, digital hardcore.
  • DISLIKES: Vegetables, rule-breakers, sore losers.
  • HOBBIES: DIY weaponry, DIY housing, DIY everything. [2]


  • Eugene is 100+ years old, 5'10", and weighs 165 lbs.
  • Like Truxton, Eugene was originally a character created as one of Ren's avatars in the video game Second Life.
  • It is implied through art on a porn magazine seen through Second Life and Ren's comments that Eugene is in a relationship with Truxton. [3]
  • Ren has mentioned that it is unlikely she will have any future releases after NECROCRUNK EP. [4]

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