Figurehead is a 14-track album released under The Queenstons.

The album was remastered and released with remastered tracks of the original track listing, a handful of remasters of older songs, instrumentals of the original track listing, and vocal tracks from Figurehead, I Control, The Answer, Humanoid, Quiet Man, One Life, A Little Differently, Break Away, and Going Back.

The remaster also has a different album cover, with it being simply a sketch of the original artwork. The original master of each track is included with the album on Bandcamp.

Track listingEdit

  1. Figurehead (4:30) (lyrics)
  2. I Control (3:24) (lyrics)
  3. The Answer (3:41) (lyrics)
  4. Humanoid (3:44) (lyrics)
  5. Quiet Man (4:32) (lyrics)
  6. Commuting (3:16)
  7. One Life (feat. Casey LaLonde) (4:13) (lyrics)
  8. Koan (4:00) (lyrics)
  9. The Recurring (4:22)
  10. A Little Differently (2:41) (lyrics)
  11. I Never Wanted (2:57) (lyrics)
  12. Break Away (4:00) (lyrics)
  13. Going Back (feat. Casey LaLonde) (3:55) (lyrics)
  14. The Story (3:22)

Release notes Edit

all music written and produced by The Queenstons 
"one life" lyrics written and performed by 
"going back" vocals performed by 
art and design by 
promo video by

Trivia Edit

  • The Halley Direct CD release of Figurehead has a misprinted tracklist, using the final release tracklist rather then the CD's. The CD also contains the prerelease master of tracks rather then the finals used in the initial release.


LapFox Trax - Figurehead Remastered - Promo Video

LapFox Trax - Figurehead Remastered - Promo Video


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