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LapFox Trax-Halley Labs

The current Halley Labs logo.

Halley Labs (pronounced as hay-lee labs) [1] is the current "studio" and label used for Emma Essex's music, and until 2020, was used in conjunction with the LapFox Trax label name. [2] Twenty-seven aliases are currently 'signed' to the label.


On August 13, 2015, the LapFox Trax Bandcamp was renamed to HALLEY LABS. [3] The LapFox Trax YouTube channel and official associated websites were changed in 2020 to accommodate for the label's name change.


Active aliases[]

Inactive or retired aliases[]

MGD Exclusive Aliases[]

These aliases had no official releases. However, many songs from the Mungyodance games were originally attributed to them.


Halley labs early

Older version of the Halley Labs logo.