Identity Will Not Save You is a 10-track album released under The Queenstons. Many songs from the album are experimental and stray from the drum and bass style that is typical of the alias.

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  1. Woodgrain (5:23) (lyrics)
  2. Ritual (4:15) (lyrics)
  3. The Heat (3:57) (lyrics)
  4. 9V (3:00) (lyrics)
  5. Terror (3:36) (lyrics)
  6. Woodgrain (Vocal Track) (1:45)
  7. Ritual (Vocal Track) (1:55)
  8. The Heat (Vocal Track) (0:27)
  9. 9V (Vocal Track) (1:43)
  10. Terror (Vocal Track) (2:34)

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all music by The Queenstons 
3D modeling by 
Figurehead design by

Trivia Edit

  • An early version of The Heat was released on the Darius Alpha work blog, credited under Renard. [1]
  • A VIP edit of 9V was originally released as an exclusive with the physical release of Identity Will Not Save You, but was later fully released on ON Trax Vol. 7. [2]

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