Jackal Queenston is an alias under the Halley LabsLapFox Trax label. He is a hybrid of a jackal and a German shepherd, who is often seen smoking and wearing attire inspired by the Nazi Party and other WW-II era uniforms. He typically produces drum and bass, characterized by heavy bass lines, fast drum breaks, and dark themes alluding to violence or power.

Jackal Queenston originally debuted as a new character for the Mungyodance series, with songs first appearing in an Addon Pak and then MGD 3: The Third Rave, released on August 23, 2008. His first album, Rise, included several songs originally made for the game.


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These are some samples to help new listeners understand this alias.

Just This Once - Robo EP
04 Just This Once
Rubber Band - Slop
Jackal Queenston - Slop - 14 Rubber Band
Diurnal - Don't Stop Moving
Jackal Queenston - Don't Stop Moving - 02 Diurnal
ENDGAME - The Road
Jackal Queenston - The Road - 02 ENDGAME


  • Jackal Queenston is 5'7" and weighs 150 lbs. [citation needed]
  • The 'X' insignia seen on Jackal's armband is an homage to the Rebel Army from the video game Metal Slug.
    • This change was made by Squeedgemonster, who eventually removed the armband in other art. Ren agreed to these changes. [1]
      • Before Squeedge's Metal Slug homage, in older artwork it is seen that Ren wanted Jackal's armband to have an paw insignia, depicting that Jackal is a Nazi Fur.
  • Jackal's markings used to be that of a golden jackal, but were changed later on to show more resemblance to a German Shepherd.
  • Jackal may hold the record for songs that were later attributed to another alias, with Amber Starlight (re-attributed to The Queenstons), Sleep Tight (re-attributed to Adraen), Soulcrusher + Heartsifter (both re-attributed to G-DARIA, Darius' stylistic predecessor. They were originally collaborations with Sonitus Vir). Poison & After Effect (both re-attributed to Azrael, as collaborations between the two), and My Wolf Eats Preps (re-attributed to Renard). Humanoid was originally a Jackal song (It is still available on ON Trax Vol. 1), but it was later re-released with vocals on The Queenstons' album Figurehead.
  • Emma has expressed that Jackal Queenston is due for a design overhaul to completely be rid of looking like a Nazi. A new design is still in development.[2]

Here are some of his facts from Jackal Queenston's ROYAL PAIN IN YOUR GAY FURRY ASS LICENSE[3]

1212044825.renardv jackal fa license

Jackal Queenston's License

  • Full name: Jackal A Queenston
  • Sex: Male
  • Date of Birth: April 20, 1986
  • Blood Type: O
  • Country: Germany
  • Province: Saxony
  • City: Dresden
  • Artist type: Nazifur (before Metal Slug redesign)[1]

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