Lapfox Anthology is a 22-track compilation album starring various songs from the different aliases featured under the LapFox Trax label.

It was only released as a printed CD, originally with only 100 copies in mind. Since the original press, it has been re-pressed 2 times in full, resulting in 300 total copies. The first 100 copies are signed and numbered out of 100, while everything after 100 was marked with an "X" as the number.

This compilation marked the first official release of "BUB vs BOB" by The Quick Brown Fox, as well as the only official release of DJ Louis' Outsider Remix . Several tracks saw minor length reductions as to fit them all onto the disc and improve overall pacing.

Track listingEdit

  1. Renard - Intensive Care Unit
  2. Adraen - For Better Or For Worse
  3. D-Mode-D - You Fucking Killed Me (lyrics)
  4. Mayhem - Punisher
  5. Jackal Queenston - Blackweather
  6. Adraen - Heartwarm
  7. Furries in a Blender - Calls From Their Loved Ones
  8. Renard - Got My Pony Spam For You
  9. NegaRen - Roll The Bass
  10. Kitsune² - Smashtro (lyrics)
  11. The Quick Brown Fox - BUB VS BOB
  12. Adraen + Renard - Punk Anthem Track
  13. Azrael vs Renard - Pokamen Party
  14. Jackal Queenston - Raatid Fiah! (Nice Up Remix)
  15. NegaRen - Ruv 4 U How U Ruv (lyrics)
  16. The Queenstons - Humanoid (lyrics)
  17. Anamanaguchi - Another Winter (J. Q. Remix)
  18. Mayhem - Tank! Tank! Tank!
  19. Klippa - Deep In Her Eyes
  20. Sonitus Vir - Don't Be (The Queenstons Remix) (lyrics)
  21. Kitcaliber - Still Here (lyrics)
  22. The Queenstons - Outsider (DJ Louis Remix) (lyrics)

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