Mulch is a discontinued single released under Klippa. It was a limited release on the VULPvibe Bandcamp and has since been removed from the site, and is still an exclusive release for this track.

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  1. Mulch (3:22)

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An experiment in creating sounds and music around a character design (in this case, Squeedge's "Mulch" character), rather than designing characters around music.

I attempted to capture Mulch's slinky, clumsy, docile personality, with a hint of skittish behavior to top it off. I decided to go with the "Klippa" dubstep style of music to capture this, as it seemed the most appropriate to represent all of those traits.

Mulch is based somewhat around one of Squeedge's other character designs, Nemphyss (who can be seen lovingly devouring Renard in the "Love is Delicious" cover artwork), so if you notice similarities, that would be the reason. She's somewhat a pet-like companion to Nemph, from what's been developed so far.

The gurgling sounds at the beginning (and occasionally throughout) are sound design elements based on Mulch's own "voice". She clicks, pops, gurgles, and wheezes, and I wanted to try to capture some of those sounds by designing them myself around Squeedge's textual descriptions of said sounds.

Mulch feeds on dead leaves, pumpkin guts, and other unappetizing goodies.

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