OCTOBER STARLIGHT 4EVER! is a 34-track mixtape released under NegaRen. Similar to THE FUCKDEST JAMS, it contains two different nonstop megamixes with a unique tracklisting on each side of the cassette. Pre-orders for the first pressing of 200 copies were available until November 5th.[1]

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  1. Something Beautiful
  2. Start Again
  3. Sound Killa
  4. The Apathy Dance
  5. A Bunch Of Samples Played Consecutively
  6. God Damn It's A Nice Day
  7. Ejac Attack
  8. Just Wanna Tell You
  9. The Quick Brown Fox - Shut Down Everything (NegaRen Remix)
  10. Freeway Rebuild
  11. Data Xfer Jr.
  12. Down Lo
  13. Starsight Peak (feat. TQBF)
  14. The Jam
  15. D-Mode-D - Just Love (NegaRen's Dr Bomb Remix)
  16. ROUTE 180+ (Lov'n U)
  17. Furries in a Blender - Woody Lake (Renard + NegaRen Remix)
  18. Ruv 4 U How U Ruv


  1. 'Till This is Done
  2. Revenge Of The Eggs
  3. Spaceship Warlock
  4. My Pet Dragon Got Drunk and Barfed at Rainfurrest This Year
  5. Roll The Bass
  6. Immovable
  7. Move On
  8. Dodecahedron
  9. Ha-neul's Ambition
  10. ♥ Ray
  11. No Time To Waste
  12. Azrael-II - MiKU MUST DiE (NegaRen RMX)
  13. The Grand Scale of Things
  14. Goin' Under
  15. Stacker Robot
  16. Conquering Lichdrachen Tower

Release notes Edit

as the pre-orders are starting to ship out, here's a rip and free download of the "OCTOBER STARLIGHT 4EVER!" cassette tape, each side being a huge 53 minute mix of *almost* every NegaRen track! keep in mind that since this is a cassette rip,the overall sound quality will be a little different than you're used to - that, and the fact the mix got a *little* (a lot) compressed/limited on the master tape. i had a blast putting this one together and i hope you have a blast listening to it!


SIDE A // something beautiful / start again / sound killa / the apathy dance / a bunch of samples / god damn it's a nice day / ejac attack / just wanna tell you / shut down everything rmx / freeway rebuild / data xfer jr / down lo / starsight peak / the jam / just love rmx / route 180+ / woody lake rmx / ruv 4 u how u 4 ruv

SIDE B // till this is done / revenge of the eggs / spaceship warlock / my pet dragon... / roll the bass / immovable / move on / dodecahedron / ha-neul's ambition / heart ray / no time to waste / miku must die rmx / the grand scale of things / goin' under / stacker robot / conquering lichdrachen tower

illustration by RECO @
product design by MSX

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