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RQ (short for Ren Queenston) is an alias under the Halley Labs / LapFox Trax label. As RQ laji-2, they produce improvisational synth jam music. [1]

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  • (September 2013)

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  • low (November 2016)

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A hellbeast hailing from the deepest, darkest corner of the underworld (Hamilton, Ontario). Goes by many names but is just one creature with a nutty amount of energy to put to aural use. Can't resist the temptation of evolving textures and soundscapes, cheesy synth tones, FM tones, overdriven audio, rave stabs, extreme vocal engineering, or funky breakbeats. Very open to the idea of working on bizarro game projects that perk their interest. [citation needed]


  • RQ is currently featured on Ren's Weasyl account. They used to be featured on Ren's blog, before it was deleted.
  • 'laji' translates to 'species' in Finnish, likely to emphaize the difference between RQ and RQ laji-2. [2]
  • RQ laji-2's work contains influences from Black Moth Super Rainbow. [3]
  • Ren has stated that RQ is around 5'4.5" in height, but may possibly be taller. [4]

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