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Rotteen (full name Rotteen d'Moon) [1] is an alias under the Halley Labs / LapFox Trax label. She is a cat that produces hardcore fusion. [2]

On September 25, 2014, Rotteen was introduced as a replacement for Furries in a Blender, due to Ren considering him as a joke. [3] However, he was later repurposed back to Emoticon for old-school Happy Hardcore.


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1978-1996: Born May 22 1978 in [CENSORED]. Evaded school due to anxiety. Became a reckless bully as overcompensation for weakness. Enlisted in Feel-Line Military Forces at 18 years of age.
1996-1999: Quickly became a high-ranking Feel-Line Military official. Began channeling fear and anxiety into power. Responsible for the torture of hundreds of prisoners of war. Spiraled into psychedelic drug and sex addiction. Disappeared.
1999-2002: Underwent complete mental self-destruction and reconfiguration. Killed anxiety. Killed guilt. Killed fear. Fell in love with rave. Found the self they have denied their entire life, and fell in love with it.
2002-????: Began organizing community events. Began to deny themselves nothing and killed shame. Became real. Pallete documentation is ongoing. [4]

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  • Ren has stated that Rotteen's name is based off the title of a Sampling Masters track, roteen da moon. [5] [6]
  • Rotteen is around 5'4.5", which is Ren's height in real life. [7]
  • Rotteen shares the same birthday as Ren, but was born in 1978 instead of 1988. [4]

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Notice: Some files have been censored. Full versions can be found Rotteen's Heckscaper page and the miscellaneous image page.

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