SHOOTERHOUSE is a freeware bullet hell shooter developed by Ren in 2012. Similar to both DDDDX and Harpy! Siren!, it was released as freeware, with nearly all graphical and musical assets taken from external sources. It was hosted on the LapFox Trax website until its page was shut down due to hosting issues.


SHOOTERHOUSE is a modification of Splatterhouse , a slasher beat 'em up arcade game produced by Namco in 1988. Within Splatterhouse, a "Terror Mask" (or in some releases, "Hell Mask") takes control of the protagonist, Rick, who then travels through West Mansion, referred to by in-game characters as "Splatterhouse". At the end of the game, the mask is destroyed, but reassembles itself after the end credits. At this point, the plot of Shooterhouse begins.

Taking place an unknown amount of time after the original Splatterhouse, Shooterhouse places the player in control of the Terror Mask, and is given the task to "Return to West Mansion! And destroy the evil finally!". The player must guide the floating mask through the mansion, destroying enemies and bosses along the way.


Shooterhouse Cover


The game features six levels, each containing a boss which must be defeated. The player is given the option at the beginning of the game to choose between an Easy, Normal, or Hard mode. Playing as the Terror Mask, the the player is given a single attack, which is a rapid stream of blue orbs shot from the face of the mask. Shooting enemies will award the player points, with an extra life being given every 100,000 points. If the player is hit by an enemy or attacks from an enemy, one hit point will be lost. On Normal difficulty, the player is given 5 hit points per life; Normal and Hard provide 3. However, Normal offers a 2x score multiplier, and Hard offers both a 3x multiplier as well as a smaller hitbox.

Scattered throughout the game are powerups, namely a chainsaw which when picked up will surround the Terror Mask with four rotating chainsaws. This is also featured on the cover and disc art. 


  • Although much of the in-game stage music is taken from elsewhere, some was produced by Renard and later compiled into the SHOOTERHOUSE Suite for ON Trax Vol. 5.
  • A physical release was pressed and handed out at a Halloween party Ren attended. [1]


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-GAME DEV- SHOOTERHOUSE -release trailer-

-GAME DEV- SHOOTERHOUSE -release trailer-

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