Shark Attack is a shoot 'em up style PC game released by PSURG Design.

The artwork was drawn by Squeedge, while the 37-track chiptune-style original soundtrack was produced by Ren. The game cost $8 for a digital download and could be purchased from the PSURG Design website, and a free single level demo was downloadable as well. The website which offered the game no longer exists, and currently there is no way to purchase the game. However, a final, updated build was released for free. [1]

It stars Mayhem, Mischief, Fracas, and Malice, collectively known as the Shark Attack Force, a group of humanoid sharks made to fight terrorists and criminals.


It is the year 30XX and Earth is at peace thanks to the Shark Attack Force, a group of humanoid sharks made to fight terrorists and criminals. The human race had launched a new space shuttle to explore the galaxy, and despite its success of discovering new life forms and planets, a mysterious life form breached the shuttle and directed the ship toward Earth. With Earth now at risk of war and invasion, Shark Attack has been sent to deal with this threat.



Shark Attack gameplay featuring Mayhem.

The game features six levels, each with a boss fight. A training mode is available as well. The directional arrows are pressed to move the character around the scrolling environment while the Z key is pressed to fire (held to auto-fire). There are three difficulties to choose from, each featuring a different character.

The game features a unique power-up and special attack system. The special attack, known as Focus Mode, positions the player precisely to dodge oncoming bullets and aim at enemies, while simultaneously slowing them down.

When the player shoots a certain enemy, a power-up capsule will fall out, and touching it will make the player’s standard weapon powerful for a period of time and increase the score multiplier. Collecting more power-up capsules will make the player more powerful for a longer period of time and increases the player’s multiplier. Whenever a life is lost, the power-ups are lost and must be recollected.



Shark Attack - Final Trailer

Shark Attack - Final Trailer


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