Simple Forms
All Of Life's Mysteries cover
Released under


Album All Of Life's Mysteries
Length 2:42 (Original) 2:25 (Album)
Released on November 1st, 2006 (Original) 2008 (Album release)
Era VULPvibe

Simple Forms is a track from the album All of Life's Mysteries, released under Renard. Although it was publicly released in 2008, its origins can be traced back to November 1st, 2006, when it was completed as a commission and silently released to a select few.

Hidden MessageEdit

Simple Forms is unique in that the early version of this track contains a message only viewable to those who own the source tracker file. In these files, the samples which are used to compose songs can be given custom names. This was used to compile a short message, [1] which reads as such:

nov 1st / 2006


a commission for bf

"simple forms

all join together

to build a shape

a complex shape

composed of lines

circles and squares

all joined together

all waiting

to brave the storm

we built it to last

why did it collapse?"

hey bh, i hope you

dig this very gritty


rock on, bud.

greets to:

vit, kami, aj 187,

foenix, beek, beathawk,

loonie, and all friends

all over the globe.

that means you, finland!

peace, love, much respect

Note that all spacing is intentional, as some sample names were left blank.