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The Quick Brown Fox (also known as and often called TQBF), is an alias under the Halley Labs / LapFox Trax label who is a fox-shaped piñata that produces speedcore and gabber.

The Quick Brown Fox is recognized mostly for his staccato synth lines and very fast tempos, ranging from approximately 200 beats per minute up to and over 1000 beats per minute.

Ren has stated that the original driving force to creating the alias was inspiration from m1dy's speedcore productions and the generally upbeat or non-serious tone, which tends to be a stark contrast against speedcore's generally serious and angry tone. As such, TQBF is often seen as a good entry point for speedcore, as it is accessible, if not through melodic content, then through comedic.


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  • TQBF is 4'9" and 70 lbs, making him the shortest and lightest of the aliases.
  • TQBF being a piñata is a reference the term "beats per minute".
  • TQBF's name is a reference to the English pangram The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, which is commonly used to show online fonts as examples before downloading.

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