Trauma is a 16-track album released under Renard. The album is greatly influenced by the Raggacore genre, perhaps more so than any other album released under Renard. Trauma's original release on Apri 23, 2009 did not include NAMx, Where Can I Go, and TU4AR. [1]These tracks would later be added in the May 8, 2009 digital rerelease as bonus tracks along with a new cover art. The remastered version was released on March 27, 2010 for $8, later changed to a name-your-price download. On April 12, 2014, the songs were replaced by their original masters and the remastered versions were added as bonus tracks, as Ren felt the originals had "SO much more personality and life." [2][3]

Track listing Edit

  1. Jeepers (2:48)
  2. Too Young (3:11)
  3. Trauma (3:43)
  4. Amber Supernova (3:08)
  5. Ganja Massive (3:52)
  6. Been Gone (3:52)
  7. Encore (2:37)
  8. Off the Hook (3:35)
  9. Frenz E Rollin' (4:37) (lyrics)
  10. Pyramid Head is the World's Greatest Lover (4:18)
  11. Sweet Moonglow [1] (2:38)
  12. Big Shot (2:12)
  13. Team Murder (5:04)
  14. NAMx (5:16)
  15. Where Can I Go (feat. Adraen) (4:04)
  16. TU4AR (3:20)
    Trauma suguro

    Original April 2009 cover

    Trauma suguro textless

    Textless version of the original cover

Track listing (Megamix) Edit

Cover Renard - Trauma Disc 2 Bonus DJ Mix 800²

The megamix original 2009 cover

  1. Shitmat - Buckfast Supanova (00:00)
  2. Cardopusher - Travestieten Transsexuelen Over The Rainbow (02:31)
  3. Le Jad - Painful Epic (04:40)
  4. DJ Technorch - Japanese Hardcore (Cardopusher Remix) (06:16)
  5. Bong-Ra - Down But Not Out (09:09)
  6. Bong-Ra - Coke Sniffah (10:21)
  7. Dr. Bastardo - Cocaine Babylon (12:35)
  8. Detest - 2Obscore (14:11)
  9. M1dy - Speedcore Dandy (Rebuild) (16:07)
  10. Mochipet - Donkeycore (Otto Von Schirach Miniature Stallion Mix) (16:59)
  11. Kid606 - Catstep/My Kitten/Catnap (Hrvatski Vatstep DSP Remix) (19:02)
  12. Dr. Lefty - Ah Shwe Bah (20:01)
  13. The Bug - Run The Place Red (AFX Remix) (22:21)
  14. Scorpion - Steel Needle (24:06)
  15. Terata - Knock 'Em Out (26:25)
  16. Kasparov - Nuke Them! (29:56)
  17. Cli-Max S. - Maximizer (31:57)
  18. Helix - Get It Right (34:55)
  19. L.E.D. Light-G - Hell Scaper (DJ Technorch & GUHROOVY's Last Escape Remix) (37:22)
  20. M1dy - Squid VS Pantyhose (39:15)
  21. CLSM vs. Sharkey - Wikkid M.C (2009 Exclusive) (40:54)
  22. Sharkey - Today's The Day (Darwin Remix (Renard Re-Edit)) (42:15)
  23. Darwin - Takes You Back (45:11)
  24. CLSM - Sensory Vision Part 2 (46:42)
    Renard trauma megamix

    Megamix Art as of April 12th, 2014

Release notes Edit

May 2009 digital rerelease Edit

all tracks written / produced / tracked / mutilated by renard

artwork by squeedgemonster

all samples stolen proper

2010 rerelease Edit

remaster of the album released May 8, 2009, due to poor original recording quality.

if you bought TRAUMA previously, i'm sorry, but i can't offer a discount or anything like that. not because i don't _want_ to, but for the reason that it would be very, VERY difficult and impractical, and there would no doubt be a lot of error, as i'm only one guy, and wouldn't be able to go through some sort of SUPERCOMPUTER to do it for me hahahaha :]

technically. i could buy some bandcamp download codes and hand them out to people that email me direct copies of their paypal reciepts, but the influx of emails from people doing this would be ludicrous, a ton of people would probably have new paypal accounts or different email addresses, and the correspondence would be nigh-impossible, not to mention all the cross-checking i'd have to do.

otherwise, i definitely would. again, sorry.

2014 revamp Edit

all music written and produced by Renard
all music not written by Renard stolen with respect to the artists
artwork by squeedge @
original "coverfinal.png" artwork by suguro @

Megamix Edit

On June 12, 2009 the digital rerelease of Trauma was released on CD with a 50-minute megamix of songs by raggacore, breakcore, speedcore and hardcore artists on a separate bonus disc. [4]This Megamix used to be very rare and hard to come by. According to a YouTube uploader, a series of events eventually led to it being lost, with only a select few people even having it burned to MP3 or even the disc itself. [citation needed] In April 2014, Ren modified the Bandcamp release to include the megamix, under the title "Largely - Unrelated - To - Trauma Mix Disc" and with the disc artwork.

Physical release Edit

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  1. Named Sweet Moonlight in the remastered version.

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