Undertones is an 8-track album released under The Queenstons.

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  1. The Current State Of Affairs (1:09) (lyrics)
  2. Ready (3:01) (lyrics)
  3. Hello Bed (2:32)
  4. Alright (0:59) (lyrics)
  5. The Garden (2:45) (lyrics)
  6. Eisschicht (1:36) (lyrics)
  7. Burn On (2:55) (lyrics)
  8. Wasting Time (0:59) (lyrics)

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this is as far as this can possibly come. it's been over half a year since i actually started working on this, and while i have worked on other projects during that time period, this has been a go-to point for some seriously bad vibes i'd been dealing with for the latter half of 2011, and early 2012. things are getting better. for now, this work is done.

thank you.

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i don't feel that any of us will truly find our essence during our short stay on this planet. however, that essence will continue to rear it's head and allow us to perform acts of unfathomable magic. we will look back upon these acts and inquire as to whether or not we actually created what we're becoming. Undertones and Identity Will Not Save You are two of these explosions of essence that may never happen again. thank you for your continued support. and stay warm by your supernovas.

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  • The cover artwork features a humanoid reptile creature who is not an alias or associated with LapFox Trax in any form. According to Ren, it was an illustration drawn by Squeedge which they later requested to use as album artwork out of visual appeal. [citation needed]

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